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Loving Stitches is able to quilt fabric up to 136" wide.

Charges for quilting services are based on the square inch.  To find the square inches of your quilt top, measure the length and width.  Then multiple these two numbers together to get the square inches.   Length x width = square inches

For services which are based on a flat rate charge by size check the chart below.

Crib up to 2,214 sq. in.
Twin  2,215 - 5,848 sq. in.
Full  5,849 -7,084 sq. in.
Queen  7,085 - 8,944 sq. in.
King  8,945 sq. in and up

Quilting Service

Minimum charge is $40.00  for a piece less than 1,430 sq. in.

Level A
- $.0175 per sq. in. - Quilting rows of a design across the quilt top without regard to piecing pattern.  Also known as edge to edge or pantograph quilting.  

Level B - $.025 to $.0374 per sq. in. -  Pantograph or freehand edge to edge quilting design with separate border pattern.  Quilting motifs placed in plain blocks or side triangles. Small amount of stitch in ditch work.

Level C
- $.0375 to $044 per sq. in. - This level is custom designed to complement the quilt top.  Quilting may include freehand designs, use of stencils, template work, and background fillers.  Large amounts of stitch in the ditch may also be included to give the piece a custom appearance. 

Level D - $.045 and up per sq. in. - High end custom work with a large amount of stitch in the ditch, dense background fills, elaborate feather work, and original design of quilting motifs to complement the quilt top.  This style of quilting may give a flat appearance to the finished product.

Placing a continuous border design on all 4 sides of your quilt.  This requires taking a quilt off the frame and reloading it for placement of pattern in the opposite direction.  Border designs can be coordinated with many plain block designs.

Crib = $5.00          Twin = $8.00          Full = $12.00          Queen = $16.00          King = $20.00

A flat fee is charged for each size of quilt.  However, if more expensive threads are required such as metallic, variegated or jean stitch there may be an additional charge.  A large variety of thread colors are stocked to enhance your quilt.

Crib = $6.00          Twin = $8.00          Full = $9.50             Queen = $11.50         King = $13.00

You may purchase backing fabric from Loving Stitches which is 100% cotton muslin either bleached or unbleached.

Bleached                                                            Unbleached
     45" - $5.11 per yard                                           45"  $2.98 per yard
     90" - $7.50 per yard                                           90"  $7.50 per yard
   108" - $7.75 per yard                                         108" - $7.75 per yard
   120" - $10.00 per yard                                       120" - $9.00 per yard

Polydown - white - $6.00 per yard
80/20 - natural - $7.00 per yard
80/20 - black - $8.50 per yard
100% cotton - bleached  - $9.00 per yard
100% cotton - natural - $8.50 per yard
Thermore - Queen size package - $22.00
Wool - special purchase - inquire about price

  ** These are prices current on 1/29/2015.  Prices are subject to change without notice. 
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