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Quilt Top Preparation

  • Pressing seams as the quilt top is constructed can make a huge difference to the look of your finished quilt, especially when stitching in the ditch is desired. 
  • Trim loose threads and dog ears, so they do not shadow through light fabrics in your top. 
  • Check that all your seams are secure and not coming open, as the hopping foot on the quilting machine may get caught and damage your quilt. 
  • If your border is pieced with seams to the outer edge, you may want to stitch around the entire top to keep seam endings from opening.
  • Make sure your top is square.  The biggest problem seen by machine quilters are borders that do not lay flat.   Measure your quilt top in 3 places from top to bottom.  These measurements should all be the same.  Also measure the quilt top in at least 3 places along the width of the quilt.  These measurements should also be the same.
  • Remove pet hair.
  • Give your quilt top a final pressing to be ready for quilting.
Backing Preparation
  • Make sure your backing is square and at least 4 inches longer and inches wider than your top.  There needs to be extra fabric and batting on all sides of the quilt.
  • To avoid puckers on the back of your quilt make sure that the backing fabric is square with the grainline.  Selvage is the lengthwise finished edge of a piece of fabric that is usually tightly woven. The selvage shrinks at a different rate than the rest of the fabric. For a smooth pucker free back be sure to cut it off before measuring and sewing fabric pieces together.
  • If you desire I can piece your backing for an additional charge
  • I try to save you as much backing fabric as possible.  Please let me know if you have specific instructions regarding directional fabrics, seams, etc. 
  • If the machine quilting will have many stop and starts, you may want to consider using a busy print, as I keep both the top and bobbin thread colors the same.
  • Give your backing a final press to be ready for quilting.

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